A think-tank for design and creative education

School, University and Academy no longer hold as effective terminology. The ‘School of X’, ‘Y School', and occasionally ‘Z’ are linguistic templates that may fail to fully constitute a learning community. Such formats augment discipline, geography, and occasionally ideology onto a learning space, but inherently standardise the learner and their tacit experience.

A new blueprint-lexicon for learning and collectivity is to be assembled through permutational learning scenarios. Nouns of Assembly looks to prototype new formulations that uproot stagnant templates. Learning scenarios are realised through nodes of Descriptor, Mode, and Environment. If only to re-enchant imagination—a play in three acts or thrice-dice board game—the permutational system provides a springboard to speculate on new curricula and learning terrain. Nouns of Assembly aliases as brief, menu, buzzword, symposia and generative research initiative.

The project is activated within a flexible seminar-workshop format. Word permutations provide a framework from which to unpack the social, political, environmental, and ideological systems at play within learning space. The workshop's participants then look to instil place onto space through affective speculation on each scenario.

As part of the Collective Design School, Nouns of Assembly hosted a walk-in 'thinktank' during London Design Festival 2019. Over the course of a Friday afternoon, participants mapped out a generative landscape for learning through writing and rapid image production.

Additionally, generative research is compiled informally via the online platform Are.na.

The site's block-channel format allow the project’s itinerant ‘briefs’ to be networked in a collaborative and transparent environment.

Take a visit to the:

Critical Beer Garden

Radical DIY Thinktank

Queer Craft Pavilion

Mindful Learning Ship

Pirated Whisper Summit

Prodigal Baseline Gab

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